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Strategic Advisors

The Strategic Advisors Board comprise recognised healthcare community leaders, who have been drawn from the Society’s membership.

The Larrey Society – the first cross-sector “think tank” formed to influence future emergency medical services – is:

  • Advised by leading academic healthcare researchers;
  • Managed by NHS and private ambulance company executives;
  • A not for profit company to promote the views of paramedics.


The Society’s interactive map shows paramedics now have a powerful voice to influence the shape of a 21st century ambulance service.

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14th July 2016

Larrey Society Honours Professor Douglas Chamberlain

The Larrey Society awarded a special medal to Professor Douglas Chamberlain, CBE, KSG to mark his inaugural presentation of the annual Larrey Lecture programme in London last night.

The event marked the 250th anniversary of the birth of Dominique Jean Larrey, the 17th century French surgeon and acknowledged “father” of the modern day ambulance service. Read full report with photographs.

20th June 2016

Prof. Siriwardena heads pain study

Professor Niro Siriwardena, a member of The Larrey Society’s Strategic Advisory Board is head of a British study, supported by The Falck Foundation, to examine the factors behind pain management.

Pain is a common reason for calling an emergency ambulance, and paramedics play an important role in alleviating acute pain.

Professor Siriwardena is Professor of Primary & Pre-Hospital Health Care, University of Lincoln.

15th June 2016

NHS ambulance caps “piecemeal”

In advance of the 1st July introduction of spending caps on NHS Ambulance Trusts Larrey Society and The Recruitment and Employment Confederation this week issued a joint statement calling for a comprehensive approach to control spend rather than these “piecemeal and largely unsuccessful measures.”

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12th June 2016

Expert consultation on lifting ambulance bus lane ban

Highways experts for more than local authorities in England and Wales
have agreed to conduct a consultation programme on dropping the ban on NHS-funded non-emergency ambulances using business lanes, it was announced today.

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15th April 2016

WHO action urged on paramedic safety

The Larrey Society this week took its campaign to protect the safety of paramedics to the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. In a personal letter to Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director General, calling for a global summit of EMS leaders to plan co-ordinated action, the Society says: “Every day when they go to work somewhere in the world more paramedics than ever before are putting their lives and well-being at risk.”

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24th February 2016

First Larrey Lecture Theme Announced

The Larrey Society today announced the theme of the inaugural Larrey Lecture which celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Dominique Jean Larrey, the 17th century military surgeon, acknowledged by many as the father of the modern day ambulance service.

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23rd February 2016

End Police DBS Checks Delays

Police forces were urged today to act urgently over delays in processing Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks which are seriously hindering the much-needed recruitment of paramedics into the ambulance service.

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2nd February 2016

Reviews urged for struggling UK ambulance services

The four health ministers of the United Kingdom were urged today (2 February 2016) to order urgent reviews of their struggling ambulance services in order to improve the diminishing quality of patient care.

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21st January 2016

“Ambulance service must innovate not compromise”

Leaders of the NHS ambulance service must stop compromising and start innovating to address its current state of disarray, Professor Andy Newton, President of The Larrey Society told the annual conference in London today (21 January 2016).

He added “We’re getting to the end of the time when we can compromise part compromise upon compromise upon compromise and I think we’re now looking at trying to be much more radical in our thinking”.

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11th January 2016

Ambulance service facing most challenging year yet” – Larrey Society Chairman

The NHS ambulance service has entered possibly its most challenging period on record with mounting financial problems, staff shortages and serious question marks over its operational performance, the chairman of The Larrey Society, the emergency medical services “think tank” told delegates at a seminar in London today.

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9th December 2015

MPs urged to act on ‘hidden issues’ of troubled ambulance service

Members of The Larrey Society have called on MPs to investigate “hidden issues” affecting the performance of NHS ambulance trusts – bullying, job related employee burn-out and attacks on paramedics by members of the public.

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19th November 2015

“Disjointed NHS commissioning hurting ambulance patients”

In a report published today The Larrey Society says that the commissioning of social and healthcare patient transport is so disjointed that it is harming patients and it urges MPs, NHS Commissioners, the Department of Health, NHS England and the Care Quality Commission, to work together to ensure they are getting the level of service they require at the most cost effective way for the public sector.

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1st November 2015

“Mounting backlog of ambulance inspections”

A Larrey Society report published today contains disturbing statistics which question the efficiency and effectiveness of the Care Quality Commission’s regulatory inspection of ambulance services.

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21st October 2015

Larrey Society’s New Leadership Team for Future Growth

The Larrey Society, the cross-sector “think tank” for emergency medical services, today appointed its first Board of Directors and a group of specialist advisers to lead its long-term future growth and development.

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13th October 2015

Monitor Warned  over “Flawed” Ambulance Tariff

The only way providers of Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service will be able to meet the future cost savings demands of the NHS National Tariff will be to reduce staff and vehicles, The Larrey Society, has warned in a paper submitted to Monitor, the healthcare industry’s economic regulator today (13 October 2015).

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1st October 2015

Larrey Society Launches First Global EMS “Think Tank”

The world’s first online global “think tank” for emergency medical services has been launched, it was announced in London, UK, today (1 October 2015)

News Release

28th September 2015

Professor Douglas Chamberlain named as first Larrey Lecturer

Professor Douglas Chamberlain, CBE, KSG, the world famous British cardiologist who founded the first paramedic unit in Europe in 1971 revolutionising pre-hospital clinical care, will be the inaugural presenter of The Larrey Lecture in 2016, it was announced today.

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26th August 2015

‘Shake Up NHS training” Government urged

The Larrey Society today urged the Government to adopt the proposals of Lord Rose, former chief executive of Marks & Spencer, to shake up the NHS training across the board from graduates to senior management.

15th August 2015

“Training Quality Paramedics’ Top Concern”

The quality of training and education in the ambulance service is paramedics’ No 1 concern, followed by contract commissioning and job related ‘burnout’, say members of The Larrey Society, according to research published today. Other issues members want the Society to tackle include improved communications across all sectors of the service, governance, recruitment & retention, and sharing of data.

28th July 2015

“Creeping” blue light integration

“Creeping” integration of blue light emergency services is under way and is expected to take an important step forward by the end of this year when the Government is scheduled to award a contract for a new national mobile communications network, the EMS “think tank” the Larrey Society said today (28 July)

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25th July 2015

EMS Drones Fly into Larrey Society Conference

Alfonso Zamarro, one of Europe’s leading young pioneers in the development of drones in emergency medical services will join the technology panel at The Larrey Society’s Conference – The Future of EMS – in London on 21 January 2016.

A former student at Esade, the Spanish business school, Alfonso launched his firm DEA Drones 12 months ago and it is already collaborating with SEM 112, the Catalan emergency medical responder service.

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13th July 2015

Cautious support for 999 emergency texting

Members of The Larrey Society, the cross sector ambulance “think tank” have announced support for the proposal to adapt the 999 emergency number for smartphone technology but warned that safeguards are needed to be built in before any changes are made.

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6th July 2015

Task force plan to tackle paramedic ‘burnout’

The Larrey Society has urged the Government to support a call for a national campaign to tackle the rise in the number of ‘burnout’ cases which is affecting the health and wellbeing of thousands of paramedics every year.

6th July 2015

Birthday Anniversary

Wednesday 8 July is the anniversary of the birth of Dominique Jean Larrey who was born on 8 July 1766 in the little village of Beaudeain the Pyrennes. Larrey was orphaned at the age of 13. He was then raised by his uncle Alexis, who was chief surgeon in Toulouse.

After serving a 6-year apprenticeship, he went to Paris to study but his studies were cut short by war  he later became surgeon-in-chief of the Napoleonic armies and his introduction of battlefield treatment of wounded soldiers and ‘flying ambulances’ was the forerunner of the modern day emergency medical service.

16th June 2015

Call for National Ambulance Authority

The Government has been urged to create a cross-sector national ambulance authority with an over-arching pivotal role to support the integration of emergency medical and social care services. The idea is put forward in a pamphlet to be published by The Larrey Society, the “think tank” set up to help shape future ambulance policies.

15th June 2015

We adopt TASC

The Larrey Society has adopted The Ambulance Services Charity as its official charity. TASC helps current and former members of the ambulance community, their families and dependents in their time of difficulty or urgent need.

In the picture is (left) is Cliff Randall, TASC Chairman, David Davis, Founder, The Larrey Society and Lorna Birse-Stewart, the charity’s Chief Executive (right) at their new offices in Coventry.

8th June 2015

NHS, What Now?

Hugh Pym, BBC Health Editor will be sharing his insights into the General Election and the  way forward for the National Health Service under the new Conservative Government when he speaks to Larrey Society members at a breakfast meeting on 8 October.

29th may 2015

CQC Chief Guest Speaker At Society Dinner

David Behan, Chief Executive, Care Quality Commission, has accepted an invitation to be the guest speaker at a Larrey Society dinner at the Royal Society of Medicine on 2 December.

Mr Behan, who has headed the Government’s regulator of health and social care services since 2012, is according to the Health Service Journal, the 7th most influential executive in the nation’s healthcare service. He was formerly the Department of Health’s director general for social care, local government and care partnerships.

16th May 2015

Experts to debate future of EMS

One of the most influential line-ups of experts in emergency medical services has been confirmed for The EMS Conference 2016, the Society’s first public event, which will be held at the ICO Centre in central London on Thursday 21 January.

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6th May 2015

Larrey Society supports paramedic law change

Members of The Larrey Society, the cross sector “think tank” for emergency medical services support the proposed change in the law to introduce independent prescribing by paramedics across the United Kingdom.

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30th April 2015

“Ambulance crews are the ‘unsung heroes”

Ambulance crews are the unsung heroes of the NHS and deserve greater recognition from the public and politicians, delegates at a seminar for transport specialists were told in London.

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14th April 2015

“New ‘cowboy’ ambulance law too late”

The new law designed to ban “cowboy” ambulance companies which came into force on 1st April 2015 is welcome but simply too little too late.

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10th April 2015

First President of The Larrey Society

Professor Andy Newton QAM, FCPara, has accepted an invitation to become the inaugural Honorary President of The Larrey Society.

Announcing the appointment, David Davis, the Society’s Founder said: “Professor Newton’s achievements for the ambulance over the past 30 years are recognised internationally. He typifies the wisdom and innovative spirit of Dominique Larrey and it is so fitting he now leads the Society”.

Professor Newton, Consultant Paramedic and Director of Clinical Operations; South East Coast Ambulance Service, said:  “It is no overstatement to confess that Dominique Jean Larrey has always been something of an inspirational character to me, whose work and deeds exemplify many of the values traits and behaviours of innovation, courage and selfless leadership that are as relevant today as they were in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  To be invited to serve as Honorary President of a Society that bears his name is a tremendous privilege and indeed a great pleasure.”

He was awarded in 2014 the prestigious Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal for Distinguished Service (QAM), the honour afforded by the Queen to a very small, select group of ambulance personnel who have shown exceptional devotion to duty, outstanding ability, merit and conduct in their roles within NHS Ambulance Services.

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10th April 2015

The Journal of Paramedic Practice

The Journal of Paramedic Practice, the only monthly clinical publication written solely for paramedics, has been named the Society’s official media partner. The Journal’s unrivalled expertise and editorial in this specialist field will provide invaluable additional knowledge and wider academic perspective for the Society’s research activities, said a joint announcement.

Full Announcement

19th march 2015

“An Exciting New Venture”

In a message of support, Earl Howe, Under Secretary of State for Quality at the Department of Health, has told David Davis, the Larrey Society’s Founder that “I have always been supportive of initiatives which introduce greater innovation and collaboration into the ambulance service, especially as we move into a future where the role of the ambulance service is changing and more is expected from the system.

“The Larrey Society appears to be an exciting new venture and I look forward to receiving an update soon”.

12th march 2015

L/R Benita Playfoot, Healthcare Landscape;  Barrie Mannis, SATS;  Dr Anthony Marsh, Ambulance Service Charity; Ed James, LPP; Ellen Armistead, CQC; David Straughan, G4S; Shaun Innes, The Patient Transport Bureau, Sussex; John Donovan, Caring for You; Alistair Quaile, Journal of Paramedic Practice

Ellen Armistead, deputy chief inspector of hospitals and lead for ambulance services was guest speaker at The Larrey Society’s inaugural private VIP dinner for members at the Royal Society of Medicine on 26 March.

Among the 17 guests were Professor Andy Newton, the Society’s President and Chairman of The College of Paramedics and Dr Anthony Marsh, in his capacity as a trustee of the Ambulance Service Charity.

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